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Food Services


Event Catering

Rates starting at $10/person

Catering is where our chefs are really able to show their creativity. With our knowledge and skills we have the ability to create food from around the globe from down home southern cuisine, French inspired foods, to Indian dishes we can cater to your every need! We do many drop off catering, but we also serve buffet lines, and do table services with plated meals and family style meals. our food can carry you through your entire event from appetizers to our amazing desserts. From small intimate picnics to large corporate fundraisers, we can cater it all!

If you would like any items not listed on our menu just ask! We can make just about anything!

Desserts Supplied by In Nina’s Oven

Call For Special orders!

  • Blondies

  • Scones

  • Cakes

  • Custom Cookies

  • Sweet and Savory Tarts

  • Fruit Cobblers

Barley hash, roasted carrots, and roasted chicken with pomegranate molasses glaze

Barley hash, roasted carrots, and roasted chicken with pomegranate molasses glaze

Sweet potato and grilled corn soup ingredients

Sweet potato and grilled corn soup ingredients


Cooking Classes (Private or Group)

Rates starting at $60/person

Chef Sydney leads group and individual class instructions on a range of topics from seasonal meals, farm to table ingredients, and spice blends and uses. Or if a client wants to learn how to meal prep or create any specific dishes! In addition to bi-monthly classes, you can book her for personal help or as a fun party theme. Menus can be customized by the client or by the Chef herself.

Weekly Meal Planning

Rates starting at $150/week

In the day to day business of life, good nutrition can sometimes fall to the wayside. With our weekly meal plans, we make it easier to shop, make dinner, or simply pop something in the microwave or oven. With a variety of meals ranging from comfort foods to vegan cuisine, we offer nutrient packed, flavorful meals ready to appease any palate. Our chefs will set up a consultation to get a view of your dietary needs and limits then develop a meal plan each week unique to you and your family!

Fall Blackberry and Arugula Salad

Fall Blackberry and Arugula Salad


Nomad's definitely gives you a giant bang for your buck! Portions are filling. The staff is amazing. Anytime you're in Brookland Park or Richmond area, I highly recommend a visit.

/  Jerald Smith  /