The Family featuring our tiny boss: Chef Corinne

The Family featuring our tiny boss: Chef Corinne

Put Somethin’ Good In Ya Mouth!

It all started May 1 2015

The family owned and run Nomads Deli is a staple for the residents of Highland Park and Northside in Richmond, Va. We serve high quality, fresh foods at affordable prices for an exciting culinary experience.

When you walk into Nomad’s you are pleasantly greeted with the smell of fresh food, crispy bacon, and an abundance of spices. On the exposed brick wall are the handwritten menu boards, as you look to the left you will see the boards where we put our daily specials and soups. Next to that is the deli case where you may find anything from fresh baked pies, barbecued pigs feet, or quinoa salad. Upon coming to the counter, you would be greeted by one of the members of the Tucker family who own and run the restaurant. As a family we take pride in being creative with our cooking and giving our customers a warm and inviting atmosphere. We specialize in soups and sandwiches, however it’s not your average sub shop. Each time you step into Nomads you can try a unique sandwich and our twist on classic soups that will always keep you guessing and wanting more.